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In the 80s, Father Carl brought peace and education to a volatile region of the Philippines but was assassinated by one of his closest students. Now, his family travels back to the scene of the crime where they discover a shocking ongoing crisis.


Director’s Statement

It has been over 30 years since my great uncle, Father Carl, was brutally assassinated in the Philippines; however, for my entire family, the memory is all too fresh. As a child, I grew up hearing many stories of Father Carl’s amazing deeds.

Although robbed of the chance to meet him, he is someone I will always look up to.

When I started interviewing my family members about Father Carl, I was shocked at how much of the mystery behind his assassination remains unresolved. I realized it was my duty as a family member and a filmmaker to uncover the truth.

While making this documentary, I hope to continue his mission of advocacy for the people of Mindanao and restore honor to his legacy.

Story Outline

Act 1

> The 1988 Assassination

> Father Carl’s background

> Early years in the Philippines

> Corrupt murder trial

Act 2

> Modern crisis in Mindanao

> Plot twist

> Government Corruption

Act 3

> US Involvement

> Investigating blockage of sainthood

> Call to action

Project Timeline


Film in U.S.

Interview Father Carl’s colleagues, Philippines experts, and environmental experts.

Travel to Mindanao witb ICHRP charity organization for their August event, interview locals, track down the assassin.

June 2022


Film Festival Run

Distribute Online

Distribute Online

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